terra ethics

Collaborative design towards ethical sustainability.


Terra Ethics was created to support the vital need of our social, environmental and economic processes and perspectives to be in balance with the needs of people and planet. 

What we do: 

      • Offer consultation and collaborative design in re-visioning an equitable system.
      • Provide programs and support processes in diversifying perspectives towards equity while considering social, environmental and economic spheres.
      • Support communities, businesses and individuals to create and nurture ethical and equitable long term practices.
      •  Help illuminate hidden inequities and support the creation of sustainable, equitable and abundant outcomes through collaborative design.

Our Vision

An economic system that fundamentally benefits from the well being of people and the planet


Our process

We use a holistic structure that integrates social, environmental and economic frameworks.  We fundamentally follow land-based teachings and work in solidarity with Indigenous sovereignties on their own terms and collaborate in finding pathways towards equitability for all communities


Who we are:

We are a collective of diverse professionals trained in, and partnering with organizations that offer expertise in mediation, facilitation, transformative justice, environmental law, biocultural diversity and equity education.

Our diverse team has been working on finding solutions to social, environmental and economic issues for decades. In our experience, that which seems to be insurmountable often requires just incremental shifts in perspective, transitioning as we grow.

Areas of Practice

  • Equity in practice 
  • Collaborative design
  • Consultation
  • Facilitation
  • Reconciling human-ecosystem  relations
  • Social, environmental and economic framework
  • Rights of nature
  • Diversity, equity and collaboration education
  • Supporting grassroots initiatives
  • Long term collaborative support
  • Capacity building
  • Mediation/Transformative Justice 
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Equitable policy in practice
  • Assessment
  • Conflict/Communication Support
  • International networks as advisors or partners
  • Grant writing